25% of Top Accountancy Firms Have Non-Responsive Websites

Accountancy Age recently undertook research which revealed that a significant proportion of the websites of top accountancy firms were not responsive. A responsive website is a “mobile-friendly” website i.e. one which automatically adapts to the size of the device on which it is being viewed by displaying in a different format or displaying only certain essential elements of the website, all in an easy to read size. Being responsive to the screen size of any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets such as the iPad, has become increasingly important as more and more people access the internet from mobile devices, even when they are actually in their home or office.

Responsive Websites Are Old News

Google recognised this growing trend back in 2012 by first recommending that all websites should be designed in a responsive way and then in April 2015 actively starting to favour responsive websites and, hence, penalise the rankings of websites that are not responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly).

mobile device

This is old news for those involved in website design and internet marketing but seems to have been ignored by many accountancy firms that have not had their websites converted. Almost a quarter of the Top 50 Accountancy companies do not have mobile-friendly websites and the percentage is much higher across all accounting firms. And whilst they may be aware of the issue they have not treated it as a priority, meaning they could potentially be losing out to their more responsive competitors who could be outranking them in the search listings.

Responsive Design at Tuchbands

Here at Tuchbands we are proud to announce that our website was converted to a responsive design earlier this year and we will be continuing to monitor how our visitor numbers from mobile devices grow.

We understand that visitors and potential clients can be browsing our website from a whole range of devices in a whole range of locations as fast 3G and 4G networks and easy availability of free Wi-Fi are now the reality in most parts of the UK, and certainly in all parts of London. It seems that many of us are even multi-tasking from our sofas while watching the TV and using mobile devices at the same time as catching up with our favourite programmes.

Our new, responsive website has just a single version that dynamically responds to the device on which it is being displayed so it is future-proof regardless of the screen size of any new devices that might be appearing on the markets in future months or years.

All of our website visitors will have a good experience, whether on a smartphone, tablet or full sized desktop computer.