Self Assessment

Summer is over and we are now entering what is commonly known as the Tax Season.

New and much tougher penalties are now in force for late filing of tax returns. The online filing deadline is 31 January.

Self Assessment Tax Advice

We believe that the average  business person is not able to file their own tax return because of the complexity of the tax system.  Added to that is the time involved in completing the form. When we take on a new client who has filed his or her own tax return, nine times out of ten we find errors and often these  have caused the client to have paid too much tax.

Are you still overdue with your 2010/11 return? If this is not filed by 31 January 2013, penalties of up to 100% of the tax will be charged

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Written by Philip Woolfson

Philip is a Senior Partner of  Tuchbands, a dynamic firm of  accountants based in Golders Green. Philip has handled accounts and taxation for a wide range of industries, from property investment through to the fashion industry and in his 35 years has helped hundreds of businesses to thrive in both rising and falling markets.