Company Formation Accountants in London

Company Formation Matters

Forming a company must be done in accordance with the strict regulations of the Companies House.

For a fixed fee, we will deal with all the requirements, so that you will have a company formed to your own specification and ready to set up a bank account and start trading.

What can our Company Formation Accountants help you with?

Our company formation services include:

  • Registering your company name with Companies House
  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions for your first Board meeting
  • Providing the certificate of incorporation
  • Providing the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Providing share certificates to the shareholders
  • Registering your company for PAYE and VAT

Some of our clients opt for a private limited company with one or multiple share classes. But if that type of company isn’t right for your business then we can talk you through your options.

We work with different sorts of companies in many different sectors and are well-versed in alternatives to private limited companies such as limited liability partnerships, guarantee partnerships, and property management companies.

We will register your company with the Companies House with all necessary information needed to make your business compliant and ready to begin trading. This includes the registered office of the business, all share particulars, and director information.

There’s a lot on the initial checklist but our experienced team can make this process as smooth as possible. Tuchbands will also prepare the various formalities related to the formation of the company.

Minutes of the first board refer to the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and need to be created as a base going forward. This is a legal requirement, but leave the hard work to us.

We will also create all other relevant legal documents such as share certificates and register you with HMRC and for VAT, if applicable. The latter specifically can be a tricky process to navigate on your own, particularly if you are not sure on the right system for you.

With Tuchbands you are getting a trusted service that has for over 40 years been working with business of all sizes to help them get off to the best start, and has continued to provide them with support and advice as their businesses have grown.

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