Company Secretarial Services in London

Company Secretarial Responsibilities

The Companies Act places strict obligations on companies to submit the required documents per deadlines. We can provide peace of mind, by taking the hard work off your hands.

What Company Secretarial Services do we offer?

Our company secretarial services include:

  • Preparation and filing of statutory returns
  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions
  • Company formation
  • Company searches

For over four decades we have looked after a wide range of companies and directors, across many different industries, providing a friendly, affordable, and efficient service.

Trust Tuchbands to handle all your compliance obligations, protecting the health and integrity of your business. This is a time-consuming and difficult process, but we do all the hard work for you.

Who might need Company Secretarial Services for their firm?

If you are a private company, you can pass almost all resolutions in a written format and private companies no longer need to hold annual general meetings (AGMs).

However, you must keep minutes of all proceedings at general meetings or decisions made by a sole shareholder. These records must be kept for 10 years and it’s very easy to lose track of what happened last week, let alone six months ago. We can prepare all minutes and resolutions in a timely fashion – another weight off your mind.

Speak to our friendly team about forming your company and registering your name so you are ready to start trading as soon as possible. We offer a quick company formation service and can also help with establishing alternatives to limited companies, such as property management companies, limited liability partnerships, and companies for non-UK residents. In addition, we can advise on and set up VAT registration, if applicable.

We can supply you with an extensive range of company search and business information should you need it. There are many reasons you might want such information, but generally, they will help you make better-informed decisions about who you do business with.

Our company searches will give you information about directors and companies, such as the incorporation date of the business, any County Court Judgments against them, business figures based on their latest accounts, gazette filings, and credit scores.

Have any questions or want more information? Please  get in touch.

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