Family Company Financial Advice in London

Family Companies

Our qualified team are specialist advisers concerning both the financial and commercial aspects of running family companies.

We can help your Family Company with:

  • whether to incorporate
  • the tax advantages of incorporation
  • selecting bookkeeping system
  • extraction of value in a tax-efficient way
  • reconstructions
  • share and business valuations

What matters might a Family Company need financial advice on?

There are numerous advantages to incorporating a business. Not only is it quick and uncomplicated, the Companies Act of 2006 made many changes to make running a limited company easier. We can talk you through the benefits of incorporation, ranging from tax advantages to increasing the credibility of your company and giving you a secure base to expand.

Proper bookkeeping services are invaluable to any business. Our advisors can assess the size and scope of your business and evaluate whether improvements can be made to your existing system. We can talk through the best computerised systems and highlight ways you can manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and expenses all together, saving you time and money.

Employing a tax efficient remuneration structure is imperative to help you get the most value out of your business. We are on hand to discuss ways in which this can be done following the recent replacement of dividend tax credit with a tax-free dividend allowance.

Tuchbands will also advise you on issues such as increasing pension contributions, bringing in more family members to utilise their basic rate, plus much more. It’s in our interests to ensure your business is as profitable and successful as it can be.

If that’s not the case and your business is suffering financial problems, then Tuchbands are on hand to navigate you out of troubled waters. Our experts can help you address underlying issues holding back your performance, such as credit and cashflow problems, and provide guidance to help reconstruct your business.

Knowing the value of your business, and how to value shares in your business, is a difficult process. To find these figures for you, we use multiple approaches, examining current market conditions, historic income, and future earnings, plus assets and capitalization factors to paint you a full and fair picture of the value of your business.

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