Robust Financial Projection Services in London

Financial Projections

Forming accurate and robust financial projections is vital to the success of your business. Whether you are seeking funding from your bank or are looking to develop a greater understanding of your expected cashflow, formulating sound projections can help prepare your firm for the future.

We work with companies of all sizes to produce reliable financial projections. Tuchbands’ advisors have a wealth of experience in this area and we’ve been trusted for over 40 years to deliver excellent results.

Are you a new business? You might have the smart website and the glossy business cards, but the sad truth with many new enterprises is that they have invested all their time and resources into getting the business off the ground without considering how that business will perform over time, and what sort of financial targets are realistic. Putting this off only leads to trouble further down the line.

Year one and up to three-year forecasts are extremely important. Generating investment will be almost impossible without clear, accurate projections.

Let us help you grow your business by examining your overheads and variable costs, and paint you a full picture of your potential, both with a conservative and a more aggressive outlook. We work with many established business across a wide range of sectors. Our specialist experience means Tuchbands’ can dive into your numbers and evaluate a diverse range of scenarios for your company going forward.

Regular planning will ensure your company is well-prepared to deal with change, both expected, like new tax or legal regulations coming into play, as well as rather unexpected outcomes like Brexit.

We evaluate and re-evaluate your businesses strengths, potential weaknesses, changes in the market, and competition to strengthen your core model and to help you recognise new opportunities and mitigate any problems.

Contact us to discuss in more detail the ways in which we can help safeguard a strong financial footing for your business, or if you have any questions about our other services.

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