Comprehensive Business Exit Planning Services in London

While few people who are starting a business will naturally plan for its end, it is nevertheless essential to consider how you will exit your business when the time comes. We can help you to put together a comprehensive exit plan, which will minimise your tax liabilities, maximise your financial gains, and help to ensure a smooth transition of ownership.

From creating a succession plan to setting a price, choosing the best time to sell, and making the sale, our expert advisers can guide you through the process. Whether you are thinking of moving on to another business, retiring or anything else, Tuchbands have the experience and knowledge to make your exit as smooth as possible.

Talk to us about what your plans are. If you are leaving your business for good, do you see that business continuing? If yes, what will your role be? Are you planning to leave it to someone else, or are you looking to sell?

We are here to evaluate your business and subsequent options. Our staff has expertise in a wide range of industries and sectors and can provide an accurate valuation of your business, along with a recommended timescale for selling it. In addition, we can also suggest improvements and processes make your business more attractive to prospective buyers.

Talk to us about options and scenarios such as company succession, management buyouts, the power of attorney and, if you are retiring, how to make the most of your pension and your stake in the business.

In summary, let us help you develop a strategy allowing you to exit your businesses on your terms and conditions.

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