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Fixed Fee Accountant

Fixed Fee Accounting Service – What are the Benefits?

When choosing an accountant for your small business there are many factors to consider. You will want to make sure that they are experienced and have a good local reputation, amongst other things. However, one of the most essential factors you need to take into account is how you are going to pay for the service. Read on to find out why fixed fee accounting has so much to recommend it. If… Continue Reading
Posted By Philip Woolfson
Importance of Book-keeping

Fixed Fee Accountancy – Is it Right for Your Business?

Very few, if any, businesses start up with unlimited budget for accountancy fees. Indeed some small businesses don’t even use an accountant in that first year as there are plenty of other expenses that mount up and this is one area where they might think they can manage without professional help, particularly if the business is fairly straightforward. But sooner or later mo… Continue Reading
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Is DIY Business Accounting Possible?

It can be appealing to think you can prepare your own company accounts and file your own tax returns for a small company. After all, think of the money you would save, especially if you run a small, straightforward business. It is certainly possible to maintain the correct records and complete the relevant tax returns for HMRC. The introduction of online submission processes for bo… Continue Reading
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