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Budget 2014 Report

Tuchbands Budget Report

The Chancellor’s 2013 Budget contained some important announcements and confirmed a number of changes planned for the new tax year. Following this, we are delighted to attach the Tuchbands Budget Report  which contains the latest tax and financial information, which we trust you will find useful. As a result there may be a number of changes that will affect you so please fee… Continue Reading
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Residence New Rules From 6TH APRIL

The Statutory Residence Test comes into effect on 6th April. For non UK residents and those planning to be non resident now is the time to plan for the new regime. The new rules are summarised as follows: You are automatically UK resident if: 1. If you spend more than 183 days or more in the UK  or 2. You have a home in the UK for at least 90 days, you are present in that home for at least 30 separ… Continue Reading
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Preparing Business Accounts

Business Records Check

Important Message from Tuchbands- Leading North London Accountants This starts with a letter from HMRC writing to say that they intend to make a phone call to ask some questions concerning the record keeping.  At the end of the call they then decide whether the answers given show that the records are adequate.  If they have any concerns then they will arrange a visit. They follow a r… Continue Reading
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