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R&D Tax Credits

How to get money out of a Limited Company

Since 5 April 2013 the additional rate of income tax payable on income over £150,000 is reduced from 50% to 45%. Many earners in this tax bracket receive their income as dividends.  A 40% tax payer pays an effective rate of tax on the net dividend of 25% Because of the 5% reduction mentioned above a 45% taxpayer (receiving gross income above £150,000) pays a rate of tax reduced from 36.1… Continue Reading
Posted By Nick Poli
Budget 2014 Report

Tuchbands Budget Report

The Chancellor’s 2013 Budget contained some important announcements and confirmed a number of changes planned for the new tax year. Following this, we are delighted to attach the Tuchbands Budget Report  which contains the latest tax and financial information, which we trust you will find useful. As a result there may be a number of changes that will affect you so please fee… Continue Reading
Posted By Philip Woolfson

Gift Aid donations

This time of year a lot of people are making charitable donations. Last Wednesday I happened to give £20 to a registered charity collector and when I got home I found that I had won £25 on the Premium Bonds (true story!). There is an old saying that whatever you give you get back! The point of this message is that gift aid donations are a source of tax relief but only if they are recorded on yo… Continue Reading
Posted By Philip Woolfson