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Residence New Rules From 6TH APRIL

The Statutory Residence Test comes into effect on 6th April. For non UK residents and those planning to be non resident now is the time to plan for the new regime. The new rules are summarised as follows: You are automatically UK resident if: 1. If you spend more than 183 days or more in the UK  or 2. You have a home in the UK for at least 90 days, you are present in that home for at least 30 separ… Continue Reading
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capital gains tax - CGT - for non UK residents

Child Benefit

Summary of the new Child Benefit Rules from Tuchbands,  Accountants in North London The new Child Benefit rules came into effect this month for weekly periods beginning after 7 January. Wherever there is a household in which child benefit is claimed and someone is earning over £50,000 a year, some or all of the child benefit will have to be paid back. Child benefit is currently £20.3… Continue Reading
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HMRC is closing in on Undeclared Income

That is the banner headline on HMRC’s new website ( The site states “Our new tchnology and extra staff make it easier for us to find you- no matter who you are” Scary!? We at Tuchbands, based in Golders Green  have a great track record in assisting people who have got behind with their tax returns for one reason or another or who have undecl… Continue Reading
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